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Currently, in the shadow of the fierce competition, EC adopts a marketing policy primarily focusing on developing the local market and increasing the efficiency and capabilities of its sales body; that is in order to ensure satisfying the smokers’ needs of tobacco products both in good time and at a suitable price. On its way to achieve this goal, the company does the following:

1) Introducing new products at competitive prices, e.g. Cleopatra Black Label (Cigarette), Robusto and Mini Verona (Cigar). Also, other new brands, e.g. Cleopatra Queen (Soft & Hard Pack) and Cool (2 types), are going to be launched at different-tier prices matching with different customers’ needs and purchasing power. This is in a parallel with developing some already existing brands and reintroducing them into the local market in a new version, e.g. Mondial (3 types) and Cleopatra Box (2 types).

2) Activating the currently existing distribution channels, and regularly reconsidering the trade refund system offered to our selling agents and semi-wholesale traders in order to enforce their role and encourage them to activate sales.

3) Developing distribution methods and relying upon a fleet of mini vehicles suitable for crossing narrow streets. This contributes to improving both the distribution system efficiency and the stakeholders’ perception about the company.

4) Continuously developing its marketing sectors’ sales branches and affiliate offices commensurate with EC prestigious standing.

5) Continuously developing both marketing information and data verification systems among the company sales branches and selling agents throughout the country which, in turn, contributes to supporting marketing decisions.