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When we talk about the future visualizing the hopes and ambitions as highly-valued goals that we look forward to achieving, this should not be confined to wishes. Instead, we must accept the challenge and adopt a proper scientific planning approach being accompanied with hard work in order to be able to cope with all around us and join the procession of the modern era. This makes it inevitable for us to optimize the utilization of our abilities and resources to become a highly reputable entity all-over the world. This is in an era that obliges us to adhere to innovation, creativity and continuous development and upgrading in order to support competitiveness and deepen the desire for survival.
Therefore, I solicit all employees – my colleagues and my sons – to exert their best efforts to achieve our ambitions, maintain our company’s high reputation and always advance it forward.

information about the company

-The ISO 9001-certified
The company was established on July 12, 1920 by a decree from Sultan Ahmed Fouad, and its capital at that time was 25 thousand pounds for tobacco, which was the land of it, the instigator of the new production of cigarettes, and with the rise and success of the young company, the Armenian Cigarette Company in Egypt surrendered to Dukhan with the Eastern Company. The latter made efforts to contain the Egyptian smoke industry until it surrendered to it in 1927. Institutions: Melkonian, Jamsrajan and Ibekian from the Armenians, and Sousa, Makhridis and Papatholigo from the Greeks, as well as the founder of my foundation Maspero, brown, brown, brown, brown, brown, brown, brown business, brown, brown, brown, brown, brown, brown, brown business, new activities, direct or direct activities, engaged in the creation of an institution in the name of the institution in the institution of a manager’s job “Lifetime”, and the company stipulated a sale to them, not only in Egypt, but also in Sudan, Palestine and Syria for a period of five years. It is worth mentioning that some Armenians had established several small factories between 1927-1930 for a small exhibition, and after nationalization, the Tajt “Matousian” market The owner of “Cleopatra” cigarettes, under the banner of “Al-Sharqiya Tobacco”, welcomes the shareholding company for cigarettes in Egypt.

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Company vision

The company’s management strives to maximize the intellectual and creative capital for the development of the human element, as the human element is considered an asset of the company that must be preserved and to overcome all difficulties by providing an appropriate work environment and taking care of it through leadership, technical and administrative training to create cadres capable of carrying out management and production responsibilities and marketing in order to be able to keep pace with the rapid development in the world of industry and to face all the new challenges. The percentage of trainees during the presented year to the total number of employees in the company was about 28%. Whereas, the company’s general assembly issued directives regarding pressure and rationalization of spending as much as possible, especially in the non-production related elements.