Regular Assembly Meetings

Meetings of the AGM

At least two annual meetings, one of which is held three months prior to the beginning of the fiscal year, are held to review the budget of the European Commission. The other meeting is held six months before the end of the financial year to review the following issues:

1. Report of the auditor

2. Approve the Board of Directors’ report regarding the Company’s activity and consider the issuance of the Board of Directors from the relevant reporting period.

3- Approval of the balance sheet of the Central Bank, profit and loss account and final accounts.

4. Agreement on the profits of the European Commission.

5. Approve the continuation of the Chairman and members of the Board of Directors for a further period.

6. Establishment of the EC Board of Directors.

7. Consider the report of the Central Auditing Organization on the monitoring of the accounts of the Commission and improve its performance and take the necessary action.

8. Any issue to appear according to the head of “Ga”.

Issue an invitation notice to attend the “Ga” meeting :.

The notice of invitation to attend two GA meetings is issued in two newspapers, with the second issue being five days after the first notice is published.

“OGA” has the power to consider the following issues when giving notice to arrange a regular or extraordinary meeting:

1. Stop saving the legal reserve if it reaches the equivalent of half of the capital.

2. Use the statutory reserve within the Board of Directors to obtain benefits for the Company and shareholders.

3 – Dispose of reserves and allocations wrongly.

4. Approve the issuance of bonds or the financing bond and guarantees.

5. Consideration of decisions and recommendations made by shareholders.

Ordinary Assembly to amend the company's Articles of Association

Assembly resolutions

General Assembly for the adoption of the budget

General Assembly of the Economic Balance with Philip Morris

General Assembly for approval of the financial statements

Extraordinary General Assembly

Extraordinary meetings have the following powers:

the first:

Amendments to the Articles of Association of the Company, taking into account the absence of any obligations to shareholders, unless accepted by them. Any decision that may have a negative impact on shareholders’ equity becomes null and void.

It should consider in particular the following amendments:

1. Increase or decrease the authorized capital or source.

2. Add any supplementary, related or closed proposals to the Company’s original objectives. The agreement to change the original objective shall not be without the consent of the Minister concerned in the application of the provisions of the laws of public institutions.

3. Extend, shorten or terminate the Company prior to the period or change the loss under which the “extraordinary” body shall notify a meeting to consider the liquidation or continuation of the company.

Second: Approve the sale of an asset or production line of the company.

Third: Approval of the division of the company.

Fourth: Reviewing the company’s solution or its continuation if the loss reaches half of the capital.

Ga ”
Item Date of the meeting
1. OGA to obtain approval of the planned budget for fiscal year 2017/2018 during March / April, 2017
2. Oba to obtain approval of the financial statements for the fiscal year 2016/2017 during September 2017
3. The Extraordinary General Assembly at any time during the fiscal year