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A Report on International Championships Achieved by EC

1-    Having an approval from Eng. Nabil Abdel Aziz, Chairman and Managing Director, the establishment of the covered hall in the EC social club started. In the same time, all the other club's fields are under development.

2-    EC came second after El Bok'a Club (Jordan) in Melad El Ka'ed International Championship for Boxing (from 3/2 to 16/2/2011).

3-     Billiard team came first in The African Championship "Sexy Read" from 16/6 to 25/6/2011.

Billiard players:

1-    Wael Talat                                       first place

2-    Mohammed El Mola                       second place

3-    Mohammed El Hady                       third place

4-    Mohammed Alaa Khaiery              fourth place

-         6 African countries took part in the Championship (i.e. Libya, Morocco, Mozambique, Mauritius, Tanzania) other than Egypt; the hosting country

4-    The Billiard Team won the African Championship for Billiard "Snooker" started on 17/6 until 25/6/2011.

a-    Wael Talat                                         first place

b-    Mohammed El Malaa                      second place

c-     Mohammed Alaa Kahiery                fourth place

-         6 African countries took part in the Championship (i.e. Libya, Morocco, Mozambique, Mauritius, Tanzania) and Egypt; the hosting country

EC Sport Achievements at the last part of the year 2010

1-     Won the second place in "Senegal International Bikes Race" (from 16/11 to 1/12/2010)

 2-     Bodybuilding Masters team won the first place in "Arab Clubs Championship" (from 25/11 to 29/11/2010)

 3-     Bodybuilding Masters team won the "World Championship" (from 9/12 to 16/12/2010)

 4-     Commencing to found indoor hall into EC social & sport Club" by the approval of Eng. Nabil A. Aziz - Chairman & Managing Director and Chairman of the Club.    


EC wins the 43rd Corporate Championship

EC wins this championship for 8th year successively retaining it forever

the First Chess Team was crowned in the first place in The Egyptian Cup for Chess 2009/10. It's worthy mentioned that this is for the 8th time consecutively.

 The present Corporate Championship held in Alex, patronized by Mr. President/ Mohamed Hosni Mubarak form  6/6/2010 to 24/6/2010.

EC won the general & master shield for the 8th successively, 1st place in culture & arts shield and the special needs persons (handicapped) competitions for the 6th year successively.

204 national companies participated in this event competing in 106 sports, culture and 204 national companies, comprising – in whole – 40 thousand representatives including their players and technical & administrative systems, took part in the championship competing in 106 sports, cultural & artistic activities.

EC's delegation comprised 2400 individuals including players and technical & administrative systems.

           Competing in 42 activities, EC won the General Shield scoring 526 points i.e. 203 points more than The Sugar Co. coming in the 2nd place.

Competing in 57 activities, EC also won the Senior Shield scoring 741 points i.e. 270 points more than The Sugar Co. coming in the 2nd place.

Moreover, competing in 7 artistic & cultural activities, EC won the Culture & Arts Shield scoring 86 points i.e. 8 points

 more than The Sugar Co. coming in the 2nd place.

In addition, EC competed in 9 activities for handicapped scoring 123 points.

In brief, EC won 105 cups i.e. 4 more than the last year.

           EC's parade comes first for the 8th year successively.

Statement on EC Championships (Nationally & Internationally)

-         The first football team ascended to the premier tournament – second section (B) (2009/2010) after 23rd week, before seventh weeks before the season closed "without defeat" scoring (61) points; 23 points more than Ciramica team as the second place.

-         EC basketball team ascended to premier tournament (A); coming in the first place in cumulative tournaments (premier B) teams. This is a remarkable sports achievement. 

-         EC Hockey first team "men" came in the second place of the premeire tournament (A); winning the final match against Sharkia team as the winner of the African Championship this season for the first time ever.

-   EC Body building team came in the first place in the Arab 2nd Championship (masters) and the 18th Body Building Championship (Masters &  junior) (Alex/Egypt, from 24/5 to 28/5/2010) for second year consecutively

-         Wael Ahmed Tal'at & Yasser Ahmed El Sherbiny (internationally ranked) came the second and fourth respectively in the African 14th Snooker Championship (6th of October/Egypt 2010), as Hassan Samir Hassan & Mohamed Alla Mahmoud (internationally ranked) came the first and third respectively in the African Billiard Championship (sex red) (held simultaneously during the period from 19/5 to 30/5/2010), and also Bassem El Tahaan won the highest break (longest rubber) Cup in the championship with 105 points.