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                     EC Borg El Arab Tobacco Warehouses Are Going To Be Inaugurated on Thursday of 14/6/2012 at 12.00 pm                            International Award for Business Excellence                 EC Ordinary General Assembly 2011            Ethiopian Delegation Visit Egypt From 22 – 25/9/2011       EC's Board Member, as Giza governor          International Trade Exhibition - Addis Ababa 2011         EC has awarded International Accreditation Certificate within ISO 17025:2005             EC Sport Achievements at the last part of the year 2010        EC launching new brands     EC participation in the International Trade Fair 2010, Kampala, Uganda           EC assigned (AA -) Rating Certificate on September 23,2010       Eastern Co. participates in Uganda International Trade Fair      EC Ordinary General Assembly Convention          A ceremony for the Joint-venture agreement between EC & Tag           EC has awarded "International Star for Leadership in Quality Award" from Business Initiative Directions "B.I.D"                the First Chess Team was crowned in the first place in The Egyptian Cup for Chess 2009/10                      EC's new brand "Cleopatra" introduced recently in the domestic markets is competing fiercely with foreign brands.                 6th of October Industrial Complex initial inauguration. 

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EC' Major Activity Executives

Acc. Usama Saad Hassan

Head of Finance Sectors

Tel.:  35729512    Fax:35704897

Mr. Mahmoud Mohamad Gad

Head of Human Resource Sectors

Tel.: 35719512     Fax:35687434

Eng. Mohammed Mahfouz Affify Adly Head of Purchasing and Warehouses Sectors


Eng. Nasr Abd El Aziz Abd El Rahman Head of Tobacco Sectors



Mr. Mohamad Othman Haroun

Head of Marketing Sectors


Tel.:  35721354    Fax:35703310

Eng. Abdel Hlim Habashy

Head of Technical Affair Sectors

Tel.:  35725676     Fax:35687434

Dr. Amr Kamel

Head of Health Affair Sectors



Mr. Mohammad Ali Abd El-A'l

Head of Information & Performance development Sectors

Tel.:  35737190     Fax:35687434
Eng. Hassan Wahba

Head of General Project Sectors

and Executive Manger of the two industrial complexes at 6th of October and Borg El Arab  

Tel. & Fax: 35721205

Tel.:  38164444      Fax:35687434

Eng. Ahmed Ismail

Head of Factory Sectors

Tel.: 35703324     Fax:35687434

Eng. Kawthar Sayed Abdel Aziz Morsi Head of Laboratories, Research and Quality Control Sectors


Ms. Taghreed Ali Ameen Deputy of head Sectors Secretary Affairs.   

Eng. Howida El-Said

Head of Local Manufacture Sector& Supervisor of Project Dpt.            

Tel.:  35726954     Fax:35687434

Mr.Farg Mourad Reyad Head of Export Sector  
Mr. Saeeed Abd EL Salam Mostafa Head of Quality Assurance Sector


Mr. Hamdy Ramadan Emam Head of Security Sector  
Mr. Mostafa Mohammed Ashour Head of Legal Affairs Sector.


Mr. Ahmed Mahmoud Ibrahim Abdel Hady Head Of the Public Relations Sector


Eng. Afaf Ali Shehata El Dekmawy Head of Civil Protection and Working Environment Insurance Sector.  
Ms. Fifi Sayed Gad Gad Head of Operation Outputs and Incentives Sector  
Acountant. Abdel Rahman Eisa Head of Financial Affairs and IRO



Audit Committee

An audit committee was formulated under Chairman’s decree No. 75 on 26/2/2009 as follows:

-       Mr. Mohamed Gamal Moharam (Part-time non-executive Board Member) – President.

-       Mr. Ahmed Mohamed Saleh (EC advisor - non-executive) - Member

-       Eng. Moustfa Hasssan Hossin (Technical Advisor - non-executive) -  Member.

-       Prof. Samir Makary (PH. AUC – non-executive)  - Member