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EC's Integrated Industrial Complex

at 6th of October City 

EC locations has become blockaded from all directions with a huge residential areas out of expected , in particular head  office premises in Giza wich is surrounded by ( Al Ahram tunnel - railroaad -El Malek Faysal bridge and buildings ).

    In addition , the traffic Jam and narrowness of ways that lead to difficultly enter or exit of any supplies into factories , as well as variety of people complains as made it impossible for any horizontal or vertical expansions necessary required for the  Industrial process within the current sites . what made it worse , is the Giza governor's decree provided for refusal of any renewals for license in existent factories or give approval for new licenses , on the authority of prohibition to issue industrial licenses in population density areas as a result , the operations in the current renewed based on what EC is a stage of transition and limited time that is hardly

   so it has become obligatory to begin implementation of EC's  Industrial Complex at 6 of October city . which will combine all the current locations with possibility for any future expansionism relying on antecedent studies by experience organizations.

  A 360 Fadden plot of land has been well selected, within the 6th. Industrial Zone on the Oases road, with the aim to absorb EC current & future potentialities. As known, 80 percent of the interior buildings have been already finished while the remaining are – Insha'a Allah – intended to be complete by the end of 2012.