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                     EC Borg El Arab Tobacco Warehouses Are Going To Be Inaugurated on Thursday of 14/6/2012 at 12.00 pm                            International Award for Business Excellence                 EC Ordinary General Assembly 2011            Ethiopian Delegation Visit Egypt From 22 – 25/9/2011       EC's Board Member, as Giza governor          International Trade Exhibition - Addis Ababa 2011         EC has awarded International Accreditation Certificate within ISO 17025:2005             EC Sport Achievements at the last part of the year 2010        EC launching new brands     EC participation in the International Trade Fair 2010, Kampala, Uganda           EC assigned (AA -) Rating Certificate on September 23,2010       Eastern Co. participates in Uganda International Trade Fair      EC Ordinary General Assembly Convention          A ceremony for the Joint-venture agreement between EC & Tag           EC has awarded "International Star for Leadership in Quality Award" from Business Initiative Directions "B.I.D"                the First Chess Team was crowned in the first place in The Egyptian Cup for Chess 2009/10                      EC's new brand "Cleopatra" introduced recently in the domestic markets is competing fiercely with foreign brands.                 6th of October Industrial Complex initial inauguration. 

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EC's Integrated Industrial Complex

at 6th of October City 

EC locations has become blockaded from all directions with a huge residential areas out of expected , in particular head  office premises in Giza wich is surrounded by ( Al Ahram tunnel - railroaad -El Malek Faysal bridge and buildings ).

    In addition , the traffic Jam and narrowness of ways that lead to difficultly enter or exit of any supplies into factories , as well as variety of people complains as made it impossible for any horizontal or vertical expansions necessary required for the  Industrial process within the current sites . what made it worse , is the Giza governor's decree provided for refusal of any renewals for license in existent factories or give approval for new licenses , on the authority of prohibition to issue industrial licenses in population density areas as a result , the operations in the current renewed based on what EC is a stage of transition and limited time that is hardly

   so it has become obligatory to begin implementation of EC's  Industrial Complex at 6 of October city . which will combine all the current locations with possibility for any future expansionism relying on antecedent studies by experience organizations.

  A 360 Fadden plot of land has been well selected, within the 6th. Industrial Zone on the Oases road, with the aim to absorb EC current & future potentialities. As known, 80 percent of the interior buildings have been already finished while the remaining are – Insha'a Allah – intended to be complete by the end of 2012.