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Investor Relations (IR)


 IR officers, on one hand, pay attention to periodically and regularly release the information and data about the Company to all relevant parties form the financial community aiming to consolidate the relations with current and prospective investors making sure the market reflects fair value of our company's share.

On the other hand, they work towards opening communication channels in an effort to strengthen the relations with capital & investment market to avail disclosure and transparency elements which have , on the long run, a positive impact on the market value of EC share in the Egyptian Exchange, and increase its shares circulation rate.

Therefore, IR contributes in reaching the goal of maintaining the fair value of EC shares traded in the Egyptian Exchange to keep shareholders' monies.

IR officers are highly obliged to take advantage of Information Technology and our Company's website on the internet to achieve the following:

-         Release all information & data required to all relevant parties.

-         Provide prompt answers on the investor inquiries and the relevant entities.

-         Release and update all financial data & statements on the internet and make it possible for investors to copy, download and print in a form of files via their PCs; this way makes the electronic connection very easy and saves the effort, time and cost as well.

-         Promoting EC image before third parties which, in turn, maintains the Company's appearance and reputation before investors.

-         Availing disclosure and transparency required by investors.

-         Contribution to creating a good health climate for investors.

-         Supporting market value stability of EC shares resulting in decreasing fluctuations in the prices of EC share.

-         Strengthening positive relationships with the financial community parties.