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Social Responsibility

In order to widely spread the culture of co-operation & benevolence, enroot the spirit of nationalism & sense of belonging, and develop religious & social values among the Egyptian people; which  shall all yield positive consequences on our sweetheart country – Egypt,

In compliance with  policy under a "Better Future" slogan through different businesspersons & leading companies' diligent efforts to follow the traces of such a target policy, based on EC role, as a national commitment towards our society, homeland & citizens, within the corporate social responsibility framework aiming to realize social development, progress & prosperity, and according to the fact that EC all contributions are a national must, it (EC), under its patronage, has made different contributions to several national projects in both Giza Governorate, in particular, and in Egypt as a whole alike.

  • Purchase of medical equipment for Children’s Cancer Hospital.

  • Supply of natural gas line to intensive care center at Bolak El Dakrour Public Hospital.

  • Purchase of Sonar device for Students’ Hospital, Cairo University.

  • Filling up El-Zomor canal in order to keep our children’s eyes safe from summer diseases.

  • Purchase of medical equipments for Egypt Ladies Society.

  • Development of charity financial resources such as Ata’a Al-Islam, Handicapped friends, and Orphan Right Charities.

  • Giving parties for sports toppers with special needs.

  • Providing monetary aid for The Red Crescent Society, Giza/Alex with EGP one million per year.

  • Purchase of an ambulance for The Red Crescent Society, Giza/Alex.

  • Purchase of a mobile ray device for Om El-Masreen Hospital.

  • Contributing approximately EGP 350m per year in the state treasury for school students’ health insurance.

  • Making donations, approximately EGP 15 millions, for Al-Masry Institution as an aid for social responsibility having thousands of undergraduates be graduated in different governorates.

·   Medical Instruments for El Sharabiya Medical Center.

·   Contribution to establish a control animal carcass incinerator at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine/Cairo Univ.

·   Making donations for Giza Rotary Club contributing in establishing Pediatrics Depts. in different hospitals.

·   Financial Support given to Giza Service fund for promoting the surrounded environment level.

·   Participation in supporting developmental and social projects and providing some villages in Giza with essential services.

·   Participating in all scientific conferences as an official or major sponsor (i.e.) Crisis Management Conferences, Environment Conferences and measures taken to protect the environment.

·   Providing support to activities done by "hope and life, elderly and addiction control, the Diabetes Friends, El kasr El-Eini Friends associations, and upgrading Um El Masreen Hospital.

·   Participating in the annual celebration of "the Loyalty and Employment Day" at both Cairo and Helwan Universities and the annual celebration held by "the preservation of the Holy Quran Association".

·   Annual Participation in honoring top graduates of "Thanawaya Amma "under the sponsorship of El Gomhoria to encourage students serving our beloved country ; Egypt.

·   Participating in the national project to feed the pupils in the poor areas at Giza.

·   The Company's club hosts the various elderly clubs and orphanages for breakfast or spending the feast there.

·   Hiring thousands with temporary contracts for training at different fields in the company, giving them the freedom to continue working at the company or searching for another job opportunity in another place in line with the political program for the president.

·   Getting ready to participate in renewing the train to take the workers of our factory and the factories nearby to ease the burden of the country.

·   Participating in establishment and preparation of some schools at 6th of October City (Um Khenan preparatory and Secondary School).

·   Holding Efttar Ramadan for Mostafa Kamel Mabara for the elderly.

·   Purchasing medical instruments for Hospital of Ophthalmology, Eye Research.

·   Purchasing tickets to develop NGOs.

·   Financial support to some governmental entities, charities and different educational institutions at Giza, October, Alex, and Daqahlya. Such as :

· (EGP 100.000) given to Giza Governorate for the National Council of Women.

· (EGP 100.000) given to Education Development Fund/Cairo university

· (EGP 10.000) given to Faculty of Physical Education, male, Helwan University.

· (EGP 10.000) to El Horia Club for handicapped.  

· (EGP 50.000) given to the Egyptian Red Crescent (Alexandria).

· (EGP 50.000) to youth care/Cairo university (Loyalty day).

· (EGP 25.000) Voice of the Nile Association on the occasion of "the flooding of the Nile" "Wafaa El Nile"

· (EGP 2500) given to Christian Youth Association. - Shubra El Khema.

· (EGP 8000) given to El Gomherya to honor the tops of Thanawaya Amma.

· (EGP 25.000) given to support the Holy Quran competition in Giza.

· (EGP 10.000) given to El kasr El Aini Friends Association.

· (EGP 25.000) for supporting the Holy Quran competition in Giza.

· (EGP 10.000)Service Association to care road accident family victims.

·   (EGP 390000) to purchase new X-Ray instruments and devices for Mubarak Charity Hospital.

·   (EGP 1000000) to provide some Giza Governorate environs with services & infrastructure.

·   (EGP 50000) to Giza Rotary Club for the purpose of establishing Pediatrics Dept. in Abou El Reash Hospital.

·   (EGP 12000) to Egyptian-Belgium Business Administration Association to contribute in upgrading Zeinhom Hospital.